Limited Liability Partnership
«В приоритетном порядке следует развивать сельскохозяйственную науку. Эффективность производства и повышения качества продукции будет зависеть от степени развития и использования прикладных аграрных исследований, от адаптации существующих технологий и передачи новых технологий производителям».
Президент РК Нурсултан Назарбаев
KazNIIRH Mission - Save and enhance fisheries resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan and to open new possibilities of their use.
Vision - KazNIIRH through the implementation of the mission and the strategy aims to become a scientific research institute of international level in the field of fisheries and ecology of aquatic biocenoses.

• Conducting appraisal of reservoirs in order to determine the possibility of their use of fishery;

• Development of recommendations and biological studies on stocking of reservoirs, acclimatization of commercial species of fish and food organisms;

• Development of biological studies of the total allowable catch of fish (TAC);

• Development of recommendations on fishery unit of natural resources fishing grounds;

• Work on eco-design and standardization;

• Calculation of damage to fisheries as a result of economic activity;

• Carrying out environmental monitoring of the Republic of Kazakhstan reservoirs;

• Evaluation of forage resources of water bodies and the identification of the degree of consumption of food organisms and fed the fish in natural water bodies and fish farms;

• Development of biological studies and forecast production limit of Artemia cysts, and other valuable aquatic invertebrates;

• Review of biological studies, research and development projects;

• Methodical assistance, advice on all matters of hydrobiology, ichthyology, aquaculture and fisheries;

• Determination of the quality of water in reservoirs for organisms indicators of pollution;

• Comprehensive survey of the different types of water bodies (streams, ponds, hot water, etc.) with a conclusion about the suitability of water for various household needs, including fisheries management on hydrochemical and toxicological indicators;

• Determination of hydrochemical indices of water; pH, dissolved gases, nutrients and organic matter, mineral salt with the forecast exposure ponds kill phenomena;

• Determination of the content of toxic substances (metals, pesticides, etc.) In water fishery ponds;

• Development of ecological passports of enterprises for the fishing industry;

• The study and evaluation of the epizootic situation of fishery water bodies;

• An analysis of the immunological status of fish and carrying out measures to improve the immuno-physiological status of fish in fish farms;

• The development of natural-scientific and technical-economic feasibility studies for the organization of especially protected natural territories;

• Development of design documentation for the hatcheries of various types (lake-commodity, pond, cage farming, enterprises of industrial fish farming, RAS);

• Assistance in the preparation of the business-plan for hatcheries and farms;

• Advisory services for bioengineering commercial breeding of fish (salmon, sturgeon, carp, perch);

• Conducting selection-breeding work at hatcheries Republic;

• Design work on the creation of farm fish farms;

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